Message from the Producer

Hello Everyone!
I‘m HIROKI. I’m the producer of FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Global version.

FFBE has been able to reach its sixth anniversary. This is all thanks to the players of this game. I am truly grateful to you all. It’s been six years already since the game released in 2016. In Japan, that’s long enough for a child who entered elementary school back then, to be in their final year before middle school. It’s enough time for significant growth, just like a once-small first grader growing taller and more mature by the time they enter the sixth grade. By listening to the voices of our players over the past six years, I believe that FFBE has been able to grow significantly as well.

While using the Japanese version of FFBE as a foundation for an independently operated Global version, the FFBE team has striven to provide new experiences and surprises for you to enjoy in this game, such as by introducing Global original units.
And we will continue dedicating ourselves to creating content for you to enjoy the game even more. We have prepared many different activities in celebration of our sixth anniversary.
I hope you will enjoy them.

FFBE is content that grows along with its players. I would appreciate it if you could continue providing any feedback or thoughts you may have. I hope I can see you all, in person, in the near future. Thank you for your ongoing support of FFBE.

FFBE Global Ver. Producer

6th Anniversary Campaign

Campaign Period June 30, 2022~August 24, 2022

*For details about each campaign, including start and end times, please see the in-game notices.

  • Producer Present

    As a gift to celebrate the 6th Anniversary, we will be giving all players the following items!

    • ・12,000 Lapis
    • ・NV Guaranteed 10+1 Summon Ticket (3★/4★/5★/NV) x2
    • ・Master's Crown x1
    • ・NRG Restore 10 x60
    • ・1/10 NV Summon Ticket x16
    • ・NV EX Ticket (5★/NV) x16
    • ・Omniprism x6
    • ・Ascension Pearl x6
    • ・Transcension Pearl x6
    • ・Mystery Crystal x6
    • ・Super Trust Moogle Exchange Ticket x50
    • ・6th Anniversary Emblem x1
    • ・Treasured Memorial Ring x1
    • ・Guaranteed Ticket (5★/NV) ×3

    【 Claim period 】

    End of maintenance, 6/30 - Start of maintenance, 8/24

  • 6th Anniversary Login Bonus

    To celebrate the 6th Anniversary, we will be offering special login bonuses!
    By logging in every day during the campaign period, you can receive a total of up to 24,000 Lapis!
    You can also obtain special tickets like the NV Unit Select Ticket (6th Anniversary) during Part 1, the NV Fragment Select Ticket (6th Anniversary) during Part 2, and the NV Guaranteed 10+1 Summon Ticket (3★/4★/5★/NV) during Part 3. Don't forget to log in to receive the rewards!

    【 6th Anniversary Login Bonus Periods 】

    • Part 1 - 6th Anniversary Login Bonus:
      End of maintenance, 6/30 - Start of maintenance, 7/20
    • Part 2 - 6th Anniversary Login Bonus II:
      End of maintenance, 7/21 - Start of maintenance, 8/3
    • Part 3 - 6th Anniversary Login Bonus III:
      End of maintenance, 8/4 - Start of maintenance, 8/24
  • NV Unit Select Ticket (6th Anniversary)

    Can be exchanged for one unit from among 78 applicable NV units available in the Ticket Exchange (NV Unit Select 6th Anniv.)!
    You can get this special ticket with the 6th Anniversary Login Bonus or with the Adventurer's Tier Rewards.

    【 Campaign Period 】

    End of maintenance, 6/30 - Start of maintenance, 8/24

  • 6th Anniversary Free Weekly 60 Summon

    A special weekly free summon that will allow players to pull 60 units per summon, for a total max of 480 units if players summon every week. New Units will be added to the summon pool every week.

    【 Duration 】

    End of maintenance, 6/30 - Start of maintenance,9/7

    • ※From 8/18 onwards, the pool will not be updated.
  • 6th Anniversary Vision Cards

    • On to Another Journey
      Illustrator: Rubi Asami

    • Lone Swordsman
      Illustrator: Toshitaka Matsuda

    • Fryevia
      Illustrator: Yukihiro Kajimoto
      Previous Works:STAR OCEAN Series, FINAL FANTASY TCG
      *The name of Fryevia’s Vision Card is tentative and is subject to change.

    To commemorate the 6th Anniversary of the global version, we will be welcoming 3 original Vision Cards designed by famous SQUARE ENIX illustrators! "On to Another Journey" can be obtained for free through the "Start of Summer Login Bonus" that begins on June 30.

  • 6th Anniversary Player's Voice Summon

    The campaign that collects the most votes will be implemented in the game!
    Use 6th Anniversary Player's Voice Ticket (Part 1) to summon from the banner with the name of your favorite campaign.

    【 Campaign Period 】

    End of maintenance, 6/30 - Start of maintenance, 7/27

    • *Please see in-game news for details.
  • Start of Summer Login Bonus

    In addition to the Anniversary Vision Card, login bonuses include awesome rewards like the Master's Crown and Mystery Crystal.

    【 Campaign Period 】

    End of maintenance, 6/30 - Start of maintenance, 8/24

  • Player Appreciation Ticket Summon

    Perform summons with tickets given according to the total number of days you have played FFBE!

    【 Campaign Period 】

    End of maintenance, 6/30 - Start of maintenance, 8/24

    • *Please see in-game news for details.
  • Friend Point Daily 10 Fragment Summon

    Special Friend Point Daily 10 Fragment Summon!
    During the campaign period, players will receive 10,000 Friend Points every day.

    【 Campaign Period 】

    End of maintenance, 7/21 - Start of maintenance, 8/3


New Unit Trailer

Intro Videos

New Global Original NV Units

  • Wylk

  • Paladin Sylvie

    Paladin Sylvie

Ability Awakening & Updates

  • Storm Seeker Esther


    Storm Seeker Esther

    Bunny Bolt Blitz [Standard form]: Boost ATK and restore some charges of certain limited-use abilities for caster, deal morale-based damage to all enemies, and activate area effect

    Magnetic Force:

    Boost ATK by 100% when equipped with a large sword, decrease chance of being targeted by 70%, and boost damage of certain LBs at the start of every turn when Paladin Sylvie is in party and not KO'd.

    Vision Card: My Own Worst Enemy

    ATK +125 ⇒ 135
    Lvl 1: [VC] A Wish for Strength - Boost LB damage by 75% and ATK and DEF by 500
    [FFBE Units Only]

  • Solitary Patron Snow

    Ability Awakening, EX Abilities:

    Solitary Patron Snow
    Ability Awakening

    Added modifier for physical LBs.

    Ability updated

    EX Ability (Standard Form): Increase static DEF
    EX Ability (Brave Shift Form): Increase static SPR

    Equippable equipment updated

    Weapon: Spear
    Armor: Heavy Shield, Helmet, Light Armor, Heavy Armor, Robe

    Limit Burst updated

    Standard Form

    (Min Level) Ice physical damage (81x ⇒131x) with DEF scaling to one enemy
    (Max Level) Ice physical damage (120x⇒170x) with DEF scaling to one enemy

    Brave Shift Form

    (Min Level) Dark magic (physical) damage (91x ⇒161x) with SPR scaling to one enemy
    (Max Level) Dark magic (physical) damage (130x ⇒200x) with SPR scaling to one enemy

    Shared Brave Ability
    "Heroic Guard" updated!

    Increased buff duration for damage mitigation
    Added elemental resistance for ice, lightning and dark for all allies
    Added physical and magic damage mitigation buff against humans, fairies, and machina monsters.


  • Story Event: Fundamental Forces - Dragon Arc

    6th Anniversary Story Event arrives!
    Take on event missions to earn event exclusive equipment!

    【 Campaign Period 】

    End of maintenance, 6/30 - Start of maintenance, 8/3

  • Challenge of the Brave: Transcendent Heroes: VS Wylk

    Introducing the first Challenge of the Brave using the morale system! Use morale abilities to support your team in battle!

    【 Campaign Period 】

    From End of maintenance, 6/30

  • Chamber of Supercites

    A more accessible and permanent method to gain Esper Ores and Supercites.
    *Each quest will be limited to once per day.

    【 Campaign Period 】

    From End of maintenance, 6/30

  • Chamber of the Vengeful UPDATE

    A new permanent Chamber of Vengeful boss boss:Vestige of Morgana, will be available from July 21!
    This new addition to the Chamber of the Vengeful uses the morale system, and can be used to test morale abilities even when the Clash of Wills event is not available.
    A maximum of 3000 lapis will be available as an addition reward to all players, depending on the total unit challenges cleared by all players!

    【 Campaign Period 】

    From End of maintenance, 7/21

  • Seasonal Special Step-Up Summon

    In celebration of Crystal Dynamics' 30th Anniversary a Seasonal Special Step-Up Summon will be available for a limited time, starting on July 1!
    *Please see in-game news for further details.

    【 Campaign Period 】

    Part 1: 7/1 - Start of maintenance, 7/13
    Part 2: End of maintenance, 7/14 - Start of maintenance, 7/27

Additional Update Information

The following updates are planned to be implemented in the future.

Player Rank /
Unit Inventory Slot Cap Increase

From June 30, the player rank cap will be increased from 300 to 350, there will also be an increase for the base unit inventory slot from 750 to 1000. Some other increases to the limit on how far various slots can be expanded with the Expansion Voucher or Lapis.

Equippable Special Ability
To celebrate the anniversary, we will be giving out the first few batches of these new Intrinsic Abilities for free.
  • *In the future, we plan to release more Intrinsic Abilities for more units and we plan to make them craftable through recipes that use Crysts and Master Crowns.
Daily Fragment Challenge

We will be reopening the Daily Fragment Dungeon starting from 6/30.
New things coming for the Daily Fragment Challenge! Stay tuned!

[duration]: End of maintenance, 6/30 - Start of maintenance, 7/13

*Please see in-game news for more details.

Upcoming Collaborations

  • *Details to be announced at a later date via in-game notices or through official social media accounts.

Fan Gathering 2022

FFBE Online Fan Gathering
Will be held in Fall 2022!

Planning to be held for
North America and Taiwan.

  • *Details will be announced via social media accounts at a later date.